Amping Up Math Fun for Kids

PR1 Pilot Testing Phase of the SMEM Project

The SMEM (Significant Math for Early Mathematicians) project just rocked its pilot testing phase! From March to June, 891 energetic kids, 47 cool teachers, and 4 awesome educators from Barcelona, Beaumont de Lomagne, Belgrade and Giessen joined the party. The final tests took place in Cyprus last week, marking an exhilarating journey that was definitely worth it!

The kids were stars! Their eyes lit up as they explored the adventures of Amy the Fox and her friends. The interactive nature of SMEM PR1 pieces had them geeking out over math concepts. The exhibits achieved unprecedented success and we even noticed some sparks of a newfound interest in early math!

Our rockstar teachers and educators provided us with some valuable insights. They emphasized the importance of teacher guidance for non-readers attempting to solve the puzzles. They also requested additional instructions for certain exhibits. Rest assured, we value your feedback and will utilize it to fine-tune these exhibits and maximize learning outcomes.

Armed with observations, we’re making adjustments. We’re cranking up the fun, boosting educational value, and squashing any bugs we found. The SMEM project is all about revolutionizing math learning for kids. The pilot testing phase showed us the magic. Brace yourselves, fellow math enthusiasts! The SMEM project is about to change the game!