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Amping Up Math Fun for Kids

PR1 Pilot Testing Phase of the SMEM Project The SMEM (Significant Math for Early Mathematicians) project just rocked its pilot testing phase! From March to June, 891 energetic kids, 47 cool teachers, and 4 awesome educators from Barcelona, Beaumont de Lomagne, Belgrade and Giessen joined the party. The final tests took place in Cyprus last […]

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An Informal Testing of SMEM’s Exhibits during the Christmas Season

The festive Christmas season was a perfect time for our partners in Cyprus to make an informal test of two exhibits created within the SMEM project. Invited to participate in the Christmas event organized by the Municipality of Nicosia, C.I.P. Citizens in Power brought with them the “Beaver’s Dam” and “Representing numbers” exhibits for families, […]

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Trial of the Beaver’s Dam

The first Erasmus+ SMEM project exhibit within the PR1, named “Beaver’s Dam,” is a puzzle consisting of nine wooden pieces that should be rearranged to create a beaver’s dam in a square form. During the few weekends in October of 2022, MS “Archimedes” tested the exhibit design with its pupils. For example, the size of […]

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Nibi told us she is a beaver without telling us that she is a beaver!

In October 2022, Newhouse Wildlife Rescue, a wildlife rehab facility in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, shared on their Facebook page a heartwarming video of a beaver named Nibi. She deserved an hour to be alone as a reward for being nice to her new roommate, Ziibi. The video, which quickly went viral, shows Nibi seemingly in preparation […]

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Emy the Fox had its first public appearance!

With a joint talk, Aleksandra Ravas from MS “Archimedes” and Guido Ramellini from the MMACA presented the SMEM project to an international audience during the MATRIX x IMAGINARY conference. It took place at the Institut Henri Poincaré in Paris, France, between the 31st of August and the 2nd of September 2022. The program included four […]