Nibi told us she is a beaver without telling us that she is a beaver!

In October 2022, Newhouse Wildlife Rescue, a wildlife rehab facility in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, shared on their Facebook page a heartwarming video of a beaver named Nibi. She deserved an hour to be alone as a reward for being nice to her new roommate, Ziibi. The video, which quickly went viral, shows Nibi seemingly in preparation for her roommate’s return, using tree branches to construct a dam at the door where Ziibi had exited.

The video of Nibi’s natural dam-building skills has caught our attention because, by chance, the first exhibit of SMEM’s PR1 is entitled “The Beaver’s Dam.” It challenges children to help Teo the Beaver and Amy the Fox build a dam by playing with wooden bricks.

The project aims to help young children fall in love with mathematics through storytelling involving animals.

The exhibits are set to be a hands-on and interactive learning experience for kids. They should encourage them to explore the world around them and to understand the importance of preserving and protecting the natural world and the animals that call it home.

The success of Nibi’s dam-building video highlights the importance of storytelling in our lives and the power the natural world has to inspire wonder and curiosity in all of us.

We are thankful to the people of Newhouse Wildlife Rescue for permission to publish the video of Nibi!